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The Red Cardinal Cafe

The Story Begins With Him

The Concept Behind

Red Cardinal Cafe

After Alan passed, I was broken. As a mother I am used to fixing things, but this was something I couldn’t fix. For 28 years, I tried my best to protect my son; I prayed daily to keep all of my children from seen and unseen danger. In my grief I just could not understand why God would allow this to happen. As a result, I pleaded with God and asked him to show me a sign that my son was ok. A few days after my son passed, I received the sign but was completely unaware that it was for me. There was a red bird in my backyard that was both loud in sound and color. It caught my attention, but in my despair I missed it. It wasn’t until I saw the bird multiple times that I decided to research what it meant. The red bird was a cardinal and through my research I learned, whenever you spot a cardinal, a loved one that has passed over is visiting you. Cardinals tend to show up when you dearly miss your loved one or need their assistance. Cardinals can also make an appearance during times of triumph as well as tribulation to let you know that they will be there every step of the way. To my surprise, this was the sign I was looking for, all I could do was cry. In my heart I knew this meant Alan transitioned well and he was okay. I should have known the bird was my son telling me he was okay as they have so many similarities. Cardinals are loud, vibrant, known to catch your attention, and are very unforgettable. My son was loud, vibrant, able to catch your attention, and will forever be unforgettable. Although I do not see a cardinal daily, whenever I need to see one, I do.

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